Cork Stopper

At Eurotapón Núñez we manufacture all kinds of agglomerated cork stoppers and micro-agglomerated technical cork stoppers, mainly for wine bottles. Next, we indicate the main characteristics of each of the cork stoppers that we manufacture together with an image of each type of cork stopper.

Tapón de corcho aglomerado para vinos tranquilos.

Manufactured from natural cork granules, after eliminating all its woody particles. The predetermined origin of the granules guarantees a perfect homogeneity of cell density with a high degree of recovery at the neck of the bottle. This stopper is an excellent solution to stop high consumption and high turnover wines.

Cork stoppers are manufactured in a multitude of formats, but the following are the most popular sizes:
38x23mm and 44x23 (Height x Diameter).

Technical 1 + 1 cork stopper.

Stopper made of a chipboard body with a natural cork washer glued to each end. This means that it can be used in higher quality wine bottles, as the wine is in contact with the natural cork washers.

It has the same physical characteristics of elasticity and recovery as the agglomerated stopper. Available in different qualities depending on the nature of the washers.

Excellent quality / price ratio for fast-drinking wines.

Tapón de corcho Tapón Técnico 1+1.
Tapón de corcho para Cava y Champagne.

Cork stopper for Cava and Champagne.

Stopper made of an agglomerate body composed of first quality natural cork granules, with a medium density and maximum flexibility.

This stopper is an excellent choice for use in higher quality, high turnover sparkling wine bottles.

For this type of cork stopper, there are also many dimensions in which it is manufactured, depending on the needs of the client.

Agglomerated cork bars.

The agglomerated cork bar and the micro agglomerated cork bar have the same composition as our agglomerate stoppers and are aimed at manufacturers and terminators of cork stoppers.

Barras de corcho aglomerado.
Tapón de corcho técnico microcelular.

0.5 / 2mm microgranulate molded cylindrical body. with excellent sensory behavior and consistent extraction forces. By using the microgranulate, a better elasticity and a better consistency is achieved.
With an impeccable visual appearance and unbeatable mechanical characteristics.

Cork stoppers are manufactured in a multitude of formats, but the following are the most popular sizes:
34x24mm and 44x24 (Height x Diameter).

Special cork stopper for capsules.

Made from natural cork granules, all its woody particles have been removed. Prepared to place a capsule at its upper end. This capsule can be made of wood, PVC, porcelain, metal, glass or other materials. This cap is very practical as it allows the opening and closing of the bottle in a very easy and comfortable way. That is why it is highly demanded by waiters and consumers, in bottles whose content is not consumed in one go.

For this type of cork stopper, there are many dimensions in which they are manufactured, since these caps for capsules are used in all types of bottles, not just wine.

Tapón de corcho especial para cápsulas
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