Eurotapón Núñez

Cork Stopper

The cork with which our stoppers are made is a 100% natural and renewable material.

The extraction of cork from the tree is done manually, using traditional techniques.

Its extraction from the arc oak does not cause any negative impact on the natural environment. Nor does it require felling of the tree, since cork oaks have a great capacity for regeneration of the cork.

Cork stoppers from

San Vicente de Alcántara

(Extremadura - Spain)

Agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Cork stoppers, 100% natural product.

Micro-agglomerated Cork Stoppers

Cork stoppers, 100% natural product.

For Wine, Cork Stopper

The cork stopper not only has the function of preserving the liquid, but also allows the evolution and maturation of the wine. The cork brings its own aromas to the wine, giving it texture and color, thanks to micro-oxygenation.

Organic product

Cork stoppers are 100% ecological material.

Wine stopper

The best wine is always covered with a cork stopper.

Low Cost Product

It is inexpensive and quality for wine bottles.

Quality product

Cork stoppers count their certificate.

Eurotapon Núñez in tv program A ESTA HORA (Canal Extremadura)

Cork is very important in San Vicente de Alcántara, it is the basis of its economy and its use. We entered the Eurotapón Núñez factory to learn some of the secrets of one of the best corks in the world. #cork #factory #caps #economy #employment

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