Cork Stopper
How to they do it

Do you know how the cork stoppers that we create are created?

We tell you step by step what is the creation process that follows any of our agglomerated cork stoppers or micro-agglomerated cork stoppers.

Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado

Raw material

As raw material, we use cork granules of different sizes to create agglomerated cork bars and micro-agglomerated cork bars.
These granules have previously been separated from the woody particles of the bark of the tree.

Creation of cork bars

Through a pressing process, agglomerated cork bars and micro-agglomerated cork bars are obtained.
Measurements usually vary depending on the type of stopper and the end use of the cork stopper.

Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado
Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado


By means of a machine, the cork bars are cut to the length measurements requested by the clients, among the many formats, the most common are 38 mm and 44 mm long.


Once the cork stoppers are cut, they proceed to polishing, which consists of side grinding, head sanding and beveling, in order to achieve a better visual appearance and better mechanical behavior.

Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado
Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado


All cork stoppers are washed for proper disinfection and subsequent food use.

The impression

The caps are printed with a generic image or provided by our clients.

Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado
Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado


This process consists of smoothing the surface of the caps to facilitate their entry and exit from the bottle.

The count

This machine allows us to quickly count the cork stoppers that go in each sack or bag, so that our clients do not have problems with the number of units requested.

Tapones de Corcho Aglomerado

Packaging and Expedition

The last step is packaging and preparation for shipment in the delivery trucks that arrive at the loading area.

Video of the complete Process of the Creation of Cork Stoppers.

In the following video we show you the step that each cork stopper takes from when they are granules until they are placed in a truck for delivery.

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