About us

Eurotapón Núñez is a company dedicated to the production of agglomerated cork stoppers and micro-agglomerated technical cork stoppers for still wines, sparkling wines, cava and champagne, with a continuous professional career since 1996, being today one of the main producers in the world market of the production of agglomerated cork stopper and micro-agglomerated technical cork stopper.

Our commercial and technical team provide all the necessary support for the effective implementation of the product:

  1. Advice for choosing the ideal product.
  2. Advice for the optimal storage of caps.

Our philosophy begins with respect for nature. Recovering tradition as a reference but taking into account the application of new technologies.

Eurotapón Núñez is constantly evolving that makes it capable of adapting to the most demanding requirements of the market.

Taking into account different sizes of diameter and length, as well as the stamping on the cork stoppers.

Trabajadores de EuroTapón Núñez

Eurotapón Núñez workers

This is the workforce of Eurotapón Núñez, a company that has opted to offer local employment, and thus fix the population in the territory, promoting the cork industry, and placing San Vicente de Alcántara and, in turn, Extremadura as the second largest cork producing region in the country.

In addition, the cork industry improves the conservation of the natural space, caring for and protecting the cork oak forests against diseases and pests, as well as supporting forest regeneration, and promoting the cork chain, creating first and second transformation companies.

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